Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Er. Hi.

Well seeing as you're here you probably have A: plenty of time on your hands or B: no concept of effective and efficient time management. Either way - hi! 

This is a blog devoted to a collection of anything I damn well want to bitch about. Sometimes it'll be amusing, most predominantly annoying and deadpan seriously happening in someone's head (maybe even yours?). 

Because we all need some kind of record of our many brainfarts and cerebral mishaps. Or at least I do.

Rather than forcibly blab to people about my myriad miseries, I thought 'hey, less forcibly blab on the interwebs!' 

So here it is. I'd say enjoy...


  1. Yes to both A and B in my case. Anyway, why didn't you make a bigger deal out of getting a first? A belated congrats to you Rose!

  2. Aaah thank you! You know I just realised I didn't, did I? There's gloating to be had! I'm going to go do that over on the sane blog.

    Still trying to decide whether to follow some kind of consistent posting style on this one or just go all out and rant away.

  3. Congrats on your first!!!! Oh, and hiya, I love a good rant XD

    1. Thank you sweetie! And glad you do, this blog is fast turning into my brain-dumping ground \O/